Hello again everyone! This blog is going to touch on how connecting to nature can help your mind to heal your emotional state, body, and spirit. We hope that you find this blog insightful, interesting, and most of all helpful to you and your loved ones.  Let us start with the most obvious culprit that does damage to our TOTAL well-being - STRESS! We are all inundated with stress on what seems like an hourly basis of every day. If the stress is not relieved and managed than you will see a breakdown of your physical health. Unfortunately, long before you see and feel the physical symptoms, the damage to your spirit and emotional health have already been done. Do...

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         The term Chakra originates in India. Found in some of their oldest text called Vedas. The term Chakra literally means wheel. There are 7 MAJOR Chakra points in the body and many minor Chakra points. These points are the centers of your spinning energy, prana, or life force. EVERYTHING spins and moves with energy and your physical and psychological self is no exception to this.         This is not a new age health fad made up by some hippie as most would think but ancient knowledge of our body and energy that has been forgotten through the years. The 7 Major Chakras are: The ROOT- Found at the base of your spine and controls...

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          What is New Age Spirituality? In actuality, there is no one definition for this concept or way of life. It really isn't new age at all but a concept that predates man. Spirituality has been around since the beginning of human concept of something bigger and greater than themselves but is also vastly connected to the core of everything that we are; our spirit/soul and infinite light or Prime Creator.      The connection to something greater than ourselves is encompassed in the essence of everything that surrounds us on all planes of our being. In my opinion, it comes from the observation of our world, vegetation and creatures in it, the way everything ebbs...

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