Hello again everyone!

This blog is going to touch on how connecting to nature can help your mind to heal your emotional state, body, and spirit. We hope that you find this blog insightful, interesting, and most of all helpful to you and your loved ones.

 Let us start with the most obvious culprit that does damage to our TOTAL well-being - STRESS! We are all inundated with stress on what seems like an hourly basis of every day. If the stress is not relieved and managed than you will see a breakdown of your physical health. Unfortunately, long before you see and feel the physical symptoms, the damage to your spirit and emotional health have already been done.

Do not despair though, there are MANY things you can do that will help to reduce and relieve your stress. While giving your body, mind, and spirit the tools, time, and energy to grow and heal. Connecting with nature is just one of these:

Did you know that there are actual clinical studies on the positive effects of nature on stressed individuals? These are published at - 

I found that these were specific on exercising in a city gym versus just walking in nature and naturally ( no pun intended LOL) the scientists found a more noticeable reduction in the people who were walking in nature. Why is that? Because no matter how much society tells us we are not part of nature and that we are not animals. The truth is that we are and every cell of what we are tells us that we need to be in nature not just observe it from the window of an apartment or zoo. 

There are several articles on how walking in nature can help you and the scientific proof to prove that it helps to activate the memory and focus part of the brain. For people with memory problems it can be extremely beneficial but what about people who do not have a major medical issue?

By connecting with nature you reduce your stress because you realize you are part of something bigger and that even when things look bleak that there is renewal. Like our seasons.

By sitting under a tree and meditating you absorb the Earth's frequency which resonates at 432 Hz which is the perfect balanced frequency for our body!   

Did you know that by walking barefoot outside you can actually balance your frequency to 432 Hz? This is exactly the frequency that your body is supposed to be tuned to but, unfortunately this frequency gets out of tune very quickly in today's world due to the cell phones, wireless internet, more frequent traffic, and known all to well to all of us the increased STRESS! Also, by walking barefoot on "clean" (i.e. not polluted) ground you can absorb the minerals from the ground through your feet. Like a plant's roots absorbing the necessary nutrients from our giving Earth you too are supposed to receive this gift. Don't believe me? I tried it for a whole month during the summer in my own backyard and found that my Anxiety did not bother me near as much as it did before I had started this little self experiment. If your feet are tender than try wearing moccasins. This means the real thing not the rubber soled makeshifts sold at stores.

By walking around in nature you are getting fresh oxygen supplied directly to your system! An increase of oxygen in the body has been shown to do amazing things! Not only does it supply you with the ability to breathe better (duh right?) but this increase helps your immune system react quicker to invading problems, increases your energy levels, relieves stress, helps with memory and focus, and so much more!

So, in conclusion walking around in nature is more beneficial to your WHOLE well-being! Even doctors and scientists are finally coming to this conclusion although, we the nature lovers knew this awesome fact already. Enjoy some nature time and heal!

P.S. You may also get a chance to see animals and that is always a plus!