New Age Spiritualism
      What is New Age Spirituality? In actuality, there is no one definition for this concept or way of life. It really isn't new age at all but a concept that predates man. Spirituality has been around since the beginning of human concept of something bigger and greater than themselves but is also vastly connected to the core of everything that we are; our spirit/soul and infinite light or Prime Creator.
     The connection to something greater than ourselves is encompassed in the essence of everything that surrounds us on all planes of our being. In my opinion, it comes from the observation of our world, vegetation and creatures in it, the way everything ebbs and flows and how it all seems to right itself even after what seems like a definite end. We are connected to the creatures, plants, air, water, and even the universe.
      That very connection is felt by some of us more, and on a deeper level than others. It is because of that we do not "fit" or conform into any one religion as we tend to find them all to be restrictive of our spiritual growth. In fact, we find most of them to be downright suffocating to the growth of our spirit. And due to that suffocation, we often feel that we do not reach our full potential which begins to effect us on a very physical, emotional, and even social level. 
     It is only when we (the one's that choose not to slowly suffocate our spiritual selves) break free of the chains of religious conformity that we begin to truly find ourselves and begin to grow and prosper spiritually and mentally. Yes, there are many days of internal conflict, but usually this conflict is because of the classic indoctrination that has been fed to us since before most of us could even talk. 
Throughout most of our lives, we've been given answers long before we ever
knew what the question was. 
     I have found out through much research and soul searching myself that in order to begin to know where to start you must first shut out all other's opinion of who YOU should be and what YOU must believe in order to be a "good" person. Quite frankly, I do not believe anyone should conform to what others think you should be. Nor do I believe that you should take who you are and try to force others to be that way. We are individuals in every aspect of the word. 
    In short, New age spirituality is a term that is left to the individual and what it means and incorporates. For some, it is going back to nature and the soulful connection to our world. For others, it incorporates all of the "religions" because they feel that not one of them has it right but that there are true answers to be found in all of them as a whole. Man's search for the light or Prime Creator is his own personal journey.